Nightmare Season For Luongo Has Ended

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RobertoLuongoWhen the Vancouver Canucks acquired star goaltender Roberto Luongo from the Florida Panthers, fans were elated at his arrival. For many seasons the Canucks had iced some pretty impressive lineups only to be done in by poor goaltending during the playoffs. Roberto Luongo was brought in as the guy who could finally take Vancouver to the next level and possibly win them their first ever Stanley Cup championship. This past season Luongo had to deal with being usurped in the #1 position by Cory Schneider and constant trade rumours while dealing with the relentless media barrages. The nightmare season for Roberto Luongo has finally ended, and it looks like his tenure in Vancouver has come to an end.

This season has exposed the Vancouver team for scoring and not goaltending issues in the post season. Ever since taking a 2-0 series lead against Boston in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals (SCF), Vancouver has gone 2-12 in post season play. The 2013 post season featured the Sedin twins scoring 3 points each but neither of them being able to muster a goal, this lack of offense in the post season has become a common occurrence the past two seasons.

Luongo had become the scapegoat in the 2011 SCF and after Vancouver’s early series struggles in the 2012 playoffs, he was cast aside and Cory Schneider was anointed the new #1 guy in Vancouver. Luongo went through the extended off season believing he would be traded so he could resume his role as a starting goalie, instead he ended up playing the whole season tandem with Cory Schneider.

After the 2013 trade deadline came and went Luongo finally seemed fed up with the whole situation and vented his frustration to the media. Below is the full 7 minute interview.

There is no doubt that Luongo is still a capable starter, but his mammoth 12 year $64 million contract makes him very difficult to move. Luongo alongside Alex Burrows was Vancouver’s best player this post season with a 2.57 GAA and a save percentage of .915 compared to Schneider’s 4.62 GAA and .880 save percentage.

Shortly after Vancouver’s season ended it was learned that Luongo had put up his Yaletown penthouse in Vancouver up for sale, furthering everyone’s assumptions that he has played his last game for Vancouver.

Luongo has shown a great side of him these past few seasons often taking to Twitter to provide a comical view of his situation and lighten the mood. Whenever Luongo is asked about the situation he and Schneider both show they fully support each other and make the best of an unfortunate situation.

With Vancouver’s coaching and front office staff constantly touting Schneider as their starting guy it seems cruel to keep Luongo in Vancouver any longer. While many Vancouver fans wanted nothing more than to see Luongo traded after his past two seasons they should be careful what they wish for.

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