Top 10 NFL Cap Hits of the 2013 Season

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Cap hits include many things like base salaries, signing bonuses, miscellaneous salaries and other considers make up their overall cap hit. These are the Top 10 players in the NFL with the biggest cap hit for the 2013 season.

1 – Eli Manning, Quarterback 32 years old (New York Giants) – $20.85 M Cap hit

Eli Manning, the younger of the Manning quarterback brothers, has made a name for himself leading his team to 2 Super Bowl Championships. In 2009 he was rewarded with a 7 year $106.9 M contract. His contract has its highest cap hit this season before decreasing to $20.4 M in 2014 and $19.75 M in 2015.

2 – Matthew Stafford, Quarterback 25 years old (Detroit Lions) – $17.82 M Cap hit

Stafford is starting out on his new 5 year $76.5 M contract with the Lions, Stafford is entering his 5th season with the Lions, and is coming off a season in which he had 40+ pass attempts in 13/16 games last season. The contract will take Stafford to his 30th birthday and unrestricted free agency.

3 – Peyton Manning, Quarterback 37 years old (Denver Broncos) – $17.5 M Cap hit

The elder of the Manning brothers recently departed from his longtime team the Colts and started a new in Denver for the 2012 season. Despite being 36 and coming off a serious injury his career accolades earned him a 5 year $96 M commitment from the Broncos.

4 – Drew Brees, Quarterback 34 years old (New Orleans Saints) – $17.4 M Cap hit

Drew Brees is the face of the franchise and looks to pull his team back to normal after scandal and controversy surrounded the New Orleans Saints. Brees led the team to the 2010 Super Bowl championship and is entering the second year of his 5 year $100 M contract.

5 – Philip Rivers, Quarterback 31 years old (San Diego Chargers) – $17.11 M Cap hit

Rivers enters the 5th year of his 7 year $98.25 M deal, and is looking to bounce back. In 2012 Rivers posted his first losing record as the Chargers missed the playoffs.

6 – Jared Allen, Defensive End 31 years old (Minnesota Vikings) – $17.06 M Cap hit

Allen enters his final season of his 7 year $73.26 M contract with the Vikings. Allen is a 5 time pro bowler and holds the Vikings single season sack record (22), he has been a staple on the team ever since his arrival.

7 – Julius Peppers, Defensive End 33 years old (Chicago Bears) – $ 16.18 M Cap hit

Peppers joined Chicago in 2010 and enters his fourth season with the team. He was named to the All-Pro First team in 2010 and the second team in 2012.

8 – Darelle Revis, Cornerback 28 years old (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – $16 M Cap hit

Revis is set to begin a 6 year $96 M contract which includes a base salary of $13 M and an extra $3 M during the course of the contract that extends until 2019. Revis is a 4 time Pro Bowler and after 5 seasons with the Jets he looks to make his mark in Tampa Bay.

9 – Tamba Hali, Linebacker 29 years old (Kansas City Chiefs) – $15.5 M Cap hit

Hali had an inspirational story of escaping the civil war in his home country of Liberia at age ten to go on to become a top Linebacker in the NFL for Kansas City. Hali had 83 tackles in 2011, and followed that up by being named starting outside Linebacker for the AFC division in the 2013 Pro Bowl.

10 – Cortland Finnegan, Cornerback 29 years old (St. Louis Rams) – $15 M Cap hit

Finnegan enters the second year of his 5 year $50 M contract which sees him enter the top 10 in cap hits for the NFL. This is the only season he has a $15 M cap hit, as it drops to $10 M in 2014, $9 M 2015 and back to $10 M his final season of the contract in 2016.

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